Validating a bankers draft

However it refused to form coalitions with other parties, or even to allow its members to vote for other parties. Debs twice won over 900,000 votes in presidential elections (19), while the party also elected two United States Representatives (Victor L.

Berger and Meyer London), dozens of state legislators, more than a hundred mayors, and countless lesser officials.

The organization was further shattered by a factional war over how to respond to the October Revolution in Russia in 1917 and the establishment of the Communist International in 1919: many members left the party in favor of the Communist Party.

When any revenue officer or other person now indebted or hereafter becoming indebted to the state, by bond or otherwise, shall become insolvent, or when the estate of any deceased debtor in the hands of executors or administrators shall not be sufficient to pay all the debt due from the deceased, the debt due to the state shall be first satisfied; and the priority established shall be deemed to extend as well to cases in which a debtor, not having sufficient property to pay all his or her debts, shall make a voluntary assignment thereof, or in which the estate and effects of an absconding, concealed or absent debtor shall be attached by process of law, as to cases in which the party shall be insolvent. This subsection does not apply to the Citrus Inspection Trust Fund, the Florida Forever Program Trust Fund, the Market Improvements Working Capital Trust Fund, the Pest Control Trust Fund, the Plant Industry Trust Fund, or other funds collected in the General Inspection Trust Fund in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. For fiscal year 2001-2002, 0 million of the existing principal in the endowment shall be reserved and accounted for within the endowment, the income from which shall be used solely for the funding for biomedical research activities as provided in s. The income from the remaining principal shall be used solely as the source of funding for health and human services programs for children and elders as provided in subsection (5). Progress towards programmatic goals, particularly in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of diseases related to tobacco use, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and pulmonary disease. Upon the request of the Department of Transportation, the Division of Bond Finance is authorized pursuant to s. VII of the State Constitution and the State Bond Act to issue revenue bonds, for and on behalf of the Department of Transportation, for the purpose of financing or refinancing the construction, reconstruction, and improvement of projects that are eligible to receive assistance from the state-funded infrastructure bank as provided in s. The facilities to be financed with the proceeds of such bonds are designated as state fixed capital outlay projects for the purposes of s. VII of the State Constitution, and the specific facilities to be financed shall be determined by the Department of Transportation in accordance with s. Each project financed with the proceeds of the bonds issued under this section in the 2003-2004 fiscal year is approved as required by s. The bonds shall be secured by and are payable from the revenues pledged in accordance with this section and the resolution authorizing their issuance.

The Department of Revenue, the county court judge, the chair of the board of county commissioners and the members of the said board representing the same, after sufficient time has expired to receive the reports required of the tax collector by law and they have not received them, or if the collector has failed to turn over money collected to either the proper state or county officer as provided by law, shall report the same to the state attorney of the circuit in which the collector resides; and the state attorney shall institute such proper proceedings, both civil and criminal, as are authorized by law; and the said state attorney shall, in case the said defaulting tax collector shall either attempt to collect taxes or perform any other act prohibited by law, or shall fail or refuse to deliver all the official tax rolls and books, with the statement required by law, to his or her successor or the person appointed by the Governor to perform the duties appertaining to the office of the collector of any county in lieu of any such defaulting collector, apply in a summary way, by petition to the circuit court or to the judge thereof in vacation, of the proper county, for an order prohibiting and enjoining in the one case such defaulting collector from collecting or attempting to collect taxes, or performing any other act prohibited to him or her by law, and requiring the defaulting collector in the other case to deliver to his or her successor, or to the person appointed by the Governor to perform his or her duties as aforesaid, all the official tax rolls and books, with the statement required by law; and the said court or judge in vacation may make such order and compel the performance of, or obedience to, such order by attachment and punishment as for a contempt of court. Subsection (1) does not prohibit the applicability of s. The separate account for biomedical research shall be dissolved and the entire principal in the endowment shall be used exclusively for health and human services programs when cures have been found for tobacco-related cancer, heart, and lung disease. The investment objective shall be long-term preservation of the real value of the net contributed principal and a specified regular annual cash outflow for appropriation, as nonrecurring revenue. Each fiscal year, million from the revenue deposited into the Health Care Trust Fund pursuant to ss. The state does covenant with the holders of bonds issued under this section that it will not take any action that will materially and adversely affect the rights of such bondholders as long as the bonds authorized by this section are outstanding.

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