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For examples, see Using Multidimensional Collections. Topics: An associative array (also called an index-by table) is a set of key-value pairs.Each key is unique, and is used to locate the corresponding value. Using a key-value pair for the first time adds that pair to the associative array.CPU seconds is still often, used by programmers to measure performance and chargeback.The problem is that the work done by a z EC 12 machine in one CPU second is not the same as other mainframe computer models. ' You say, 'I am here to release you.' Elder Glanoxx says 'The ones that keep us here... I know that the two doors that used to require the Commander's keys are now unlocked by level, and I believe the Emporer key is as well, but not postive on that one, as I still haven't gotten around to testing it out with a toon that doesn't already have in on their /key. He came to me and handed me the knowledge of how to reach their Emperor. ' You say, 'we are the crusaders of prophecy' Elder Glanoxx says 'The prophecy will come to pass at last. Seek out the Idol of Zazuzh and the Ring of Zeruzsh. All mobs, that I know of, in the mines and temples summon. I cannot recall a time outside of this place, but I believe the stories. There is no key for it, and it's not unlocked by level. It was specially made and requires three separate components to function. Tried soloing the Skellies down in the bassment but cannot single pull them without pacify and they summon.

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A collection has only one dimension, but you can model a multidimensional collection by creating a collection whose elements are also collections.

They claim to have created us from the filth of the mines. Once used, it will go on your /keyring as "Ring of the Shissar."That door is a Rog-only door (well Bard now since their cap is above 200 at higher levels now, it's 200 or 201 pick lock minimum door). ' Elder Glanoxx says 'There is a pouch to be found. Please be swift.' A mystery solved: How did the early dudes know how to make the Ring of the Shissar, and that it would open the way to the emp? My grp had a cleric, war, and rogue who was there looking for the Vah Shir mask. Zazuzh himself was nothing special, i found the elites more troublesome than him.

He taught me to resist the prying magic of the fanatics. These items are kept by the Emperor's must loyal Taskmasters. Then go to the imperial guard chamber and kill the guards until one of the named Mobs spawns. Combine the idol, ring and insignia in the pouch and you will receive the Ring of the Shissar, which gets you into the Emperor's Chamber. Now I must tell you the secret of the key.' You say, 'what is the secret of the key? I tried hailing this guy, and forget how far I got when I did it a year ago. My persistence in trying various answers was not good I guess. or to see if key goes into the keyring) I can't get past the shissar lorekeeper on the second floor. But if I can spawn a second one by just killing mobs in the tube room......:) Croix's guide says more than one comm2 can be up at one time. The Snakes aggro range are very short, i spawned Zazuzh many times with idols and keys rotting.

This chapter explains how to create and use PL/SQL collection and record variables.

These composite variables have internal components that you can treat as individual variables.