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Another concept I'm becoming more formal about is grooming. While that's happening I like to still be "there" and ready to tune things up here and there, to make things work more smoothly. But I also objected strenuously when Brendan Eich was forced out at Mozilla because he gave money to an org that opposed gay marriage in California, before the Supreme Court ruled on it. I have Zillow send me listings like this one, think of it as real estate porn, so I can dream about the kind of life one would have in such a place. Sometimes the most beautiful surroundings are home to the most miserable people. Back to the story which consists mostly of reunions and weird pairings of characters doing really really really really stupid things. They all have their place which I remember, and why should my phone be any more organized than anything else in my life? They aren't ready for eating until they've had a chance to cool off on the counter a while. I felt that Facebook should fire Thiel as a board member because his views about free speech are in conflict with Facebook's mission. I know that the picture a house paints has little to do with the lives that are led inside it. After last week's glorious battle scene, they shot their wad. I was doing a brain transplant on my blogging software, and some outputs were hooked up to the wrong inputs. The biggest hole in the market is a complete user data storage system that's as easy to authorize as Twitter or Facebook. Some of my most-used apps are on the second, third and fourth screens.Please make sure you have already labeled your site(s) before using the RTA Verified service.Omegle (oh·meg·ull) is a great way to meet new friends.That led to a new style of product, and a happier developer. I've been modularizing my Node work using NPM packages. So taking an annual inventory probably isn't a bad idea.I was always doing it for myself, and fooling myself into believing it was for other people. Once you own that, you get a lot more powerful, I have found. Murphy-willing I'm going to be writing each of them up, in turn, here on Scripting News. As blogs got chopped up and turned into corners of huge multi-billion dollar tech empires.

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Another shift happened a few years ago, when I decided it was okay to develop just for myself, with no intention of ever releasing the stuff I was working on. When the journos talk about Trump "appealing to his base" they are being too generous. Turns out people over 70 change more than people between 30 and 70. Now let's not fire Bear or Heer (both men, btw), as Google did with their politically incorrect male employee, but please work on your prejudice.i Scripts Print Logic is a unique online printing solution that enables printing houses to set up online design services easily.You can use this solution to generate printable designs for your ... i Scripts e Swap allows you to create your own virtual swap meet web site in minutes. The software lets end-users swap unwanted items for things they w... i Scripts Reserve Logic allows independent hotel/motels, B&B, time-shares, campgrounds, tour companies, etc., to take their business truly online with online reservation and customer managemen... If you need to control options on http and https more directly, you pass a second argument to In addition, if node-scoped-http-client doesn’t suit you, you can use http and https yourself directly, or any other node library like request.A common pattern is to hear or respond to commands, and send with a random funny image or line of text from an array of possibilities.