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She looks a little bit like my brother's wife but not to the point it turns me off.

I lived with my SIL for 4 years so I don't feel anything for her in that way, her sister is another story though.

In most cases, bros should be able to laugh about this kind of stuff if they’re in college or in their mid-20s.

The time to get pissy about protecting your sister has long passed. Boyfriend What better time to hit on your friend’s sister and let her know how you’ve always felt about her then when she has a boyfriend? First, if the boyfriend gets pissy, your friend can have your back and let him know you were just kidding — no harm, no foul.

But I could never date him because he was like a brother to me.

I'm sure my brother would not have objected if we dated but it would have been awkward for the friend and me.

It could also be that you recently made friends with a guy and have only just met his hot-looking sister. What does matter is the situation itself: that you are attracted to your pal’s sibling.

So, why is it a topic of discussion at all, you ask?

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I grew up with 2 brothers so I have no experience in this area but if a good friend of mine that was a girl had wanted to date a brother, I'm sure that it wouldn't have bothered me. It didn't bother her, she says, until the girl started going on about how good he was in bed.

There was tension when one of the relationships soured and that led to the dissolution of the second relationship.

Plus I alwys made rude comments about the relationships and the possibilities.

Would it be appropriate to date the sister of your brother's wife?

My SIL has a beautiful 20 year old half sister (I'm 25) and TBH I sort of have a crush on her.