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Fishermen sometimes call them inkfish, referring to their common ability to squirt ink.

The study of cephalopods is a branch of malacology known as teuthology.

Two important extinct taxa are the Ammonoidea (ammonites) and Belemnoidea (belemnites). None of them can tolerate freshwater, but the brief squid, Lolliguncula brevis, found in Chesapeake Bay, is a notable partial exception in that it tolerates brackish water.

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Various techniques are used to CROSSDATE wood samples to assure accurate dating.

The SKELETON PLOT is one method of crossdating tree rings. To summarize: Understanding these concepts will help you succeed at this website's skeleton plotting and crossdating exercises.

When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away this month, he left behind a huge legacy – and a huge financial fortune too.

Since Jobs was one of the richest men in America, his family undoubtedly had no problem paying for his funeral and putting Jobs to rest.