Lacie error updating the remote access configuration

The IP config is as follows: IP Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS Server I signed up for an account with Dyn DNS and filled in the example.account details into the Lacie dashboard. My router settings are as follows: First, make sure your device is Internet safe.

My Dyn DNS account is pointing towards the IP address I also selected port forwarding on the Lacie dashboard. Pick an extremely good password (at least 12 characters long, 3 of 4 types of characters); it should have the ability to lock out a login after X many failed login attempts.

I have bought a Lacie-Cloudbox NAS to backup my PC.

I can connect it to my router and access it without problems.

This essentially wipes it clean then relaunching shows the most updated file set. Multiple devices can pull files simultaneously to listen to music. I've never written a review before but am annoyed enough to review.

The negative comments might be from people expecting the drive to do too much. Accessing files from the app could use a major overhaul.

Finally, Apple’s .99/month plan gives me 200GB of i Cloud storage and I’ve got about 80GB free so there’s room to grow for me.

Your specific needs will vary, but you should get the general idea.

I upgraded the slow hard disk drive that came with my Mac for a faster solid state drive (guide here), sacrificing storage for speed.La Cie My NAS app lets you use your i Phone®, i Pad®, and i Pod touch® to access and share all your photos, music, and office documents stored on your La Cie network storage device.You can also use it to free up space on your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch by moving files directly to the La Cie device.It's not in the network and I can't connect it via browser either. If the problem is a missing driver, do the following : Connect the Cloudbox to only the PC, re-power it up completely (apparently needs 3-9 minutes), then reboot the PC.Even the official Lacie Network Assistant can't find it. Look for any message about new or unidentified devices.