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Nearly two years after her departure, You Tube clips still celebrate the superstar host.

Her beauty and her friendly, familiar presence earned her millions of fans, but she also became a target for a number of stalkers. Does Stephen Hawking’s Prediction About Mankind Strike A Chord?

“There were a number of instances that were extremely intense over the years that were very frightening, where people were even trying to draw my family in and contact my family and that’s just not cool,” Robertson said.

She said that she ultimately decided to leave QVC because she had more to do with the 20 hour days she regularly worked.

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Its Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper scored an invite as did its Oscar-wining producers Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin.

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"Their talent and creativity have entertained moviegoers around the world, and I welcome each of them to our ranks." A complete list follows: Actors Russell Brand – " At-Large George Aguilar Barry Bernardi Christopher Dodd Ted Gagliano James L.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “I think one of the things I needed to learn was who I was without that job because for 20 years, that’s all I thought about all the time,” Lisa Robertson said of her career at QVC and her decision to move on.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has issued its annual invitation to new members, and this year it sent out 178 invites to an eclectic list that includes the comedian Russell Brand, who most recently starred in screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

In what it said was an unprecedented gesture, the Academy included the late documentary filmmaker Tim Hetherington, who was nominated at the last Academy Awards for the documentary Although neither an Oscar nomination or win automatically results in an invitation to join the Academy -- instead each branch endorses candidates, who are then approved by the board of governors -- this year's big winner was represented by a number of invitees.

Is bradley bayou dating lisa robertson