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Then at the next connection I was asked again to accept the server certificate.How pharmacist reviews are helping asthma patients A community pharmacist review of patients is cost-effective and improves treatment.

Apache, Apache Subversion, and the Apache feather logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.What are its current incarnations and why have they emerged now? Is it inescapably linked to our belief in progress? Event date: Tuesday 30 May For more detailed listings of the latest releases and forthcoming titles written and edited by LSE academics, please see our Publications page.If you would be interested in a review of your new or forthcoming book, please contact the LSE Review of Books blog. When I try an "svn up" it gives me this error message: SSL handshake failed: Secure connection truncated I'm running Ubuntu 10/4 but I also had this problem with 9/10. It appears to be an SSL problem but it's not clear to me what exactly the problem is. Does anyone know how to get additional information on what might or might not be going on? My svn connections to the same Regina project work fine from home, and from my other office computer.I do not have this problem with svn on my other office computer, nor my home computer. Last week the SSL problem went away (for no reason I can discern). It just doesn't work consistently from my "main" office computer.