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Rather, it is a command designed for protection and honor.Being unequally yoked is more dangerous than you think – and waiting for someone with whom you share the same spiritual heritage is far more rewarding than many believe. In it, she said she didn’t think God cared about who she dated or married – He had bigger things to worry about. God has always cared about the unions His people make – as evidenced by His relationship with Israel.Perhaps the Israelites felt like there weren’t enough women, or there weren’t enough men to go around.

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Most of the singles I work with think the term equally yoked means the two partners are equals.

It's 18 months later and they finally stopped calling in October. The Republic notes that Equally Yoked has had eight BBB complaints in the last 36 months, four of which are contract issues, one a billing issue, one a service issue, and one a product issue, at least six of which were not resolved in a way acceptable to the consumer ("The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to the BBB" or "BBB determined the company made a reasonable offer to resolve the issues, but the consumer did not accept the offer.").

For the BBB, that's good enough for a "satisfactory" record for a company that's an accredited member.

Equally Yolked is a Christian based dating site for single Christians to meet.

To register you provide contact information to them and they contact you by phone or email with information on how to join.

Equally yoked dating service reviews