Dating sites for lawyers

Ex person you were talking to is now your client in real life It is only a problem (assuming that you are in the medical profession) if you are talking about sensitive subject matter on a forum thread, that would and could be seen as a violation of HIPPA. The important thing is remembering not to date patients, which really is not that difficult to remember.

You could also be in violation if you go out on a date and discuss privileged and private information with someone. Couple that with not violating any HIPAA r/r as well as keep a professional appearance.

That's the reason why singles always feel hard to date a lawyer.

The large amount of personal information that consumers upload to online dating services creates a legal minefield for businesses.The Federal Trade Commission and the California Attorney General have each released guidelines on how mobile apps should disclose information-gathering practices, with a particular focus on geo-targeting data, and compliance with these recommendations is highly advised.Many online dating websites and apps contain fake profiles and bots posing as real people, which give rise to a variety of legal problems.Obvious advice of the day: If you care about your job, don't date in the office. You have the chance to meet anyone if you don't date coworkers. You've got this whole career thing standing in the way of happiness.The reasons are obvious, but we'll recap them in as few words as possible: drama, office gossip, and sexual harassment. Fortunately, you have dozens of options for online or "app" dating. Here are a few suggestions, from "traditional" websites to apps that are a bit more ...