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Foundation of the Museum The museum is located in the Library and Research Institute.Malek National Library is one of the largest repositories of ancient manuscripts of Iran; it has more than 19,000 manuscripts, dating from the 7-20 centuries.The Rise of Persia It was the Medes who were the first to form an Iranian nation, and the Median Empire, established in around 625 BC, included most of modern-day Iran and stretched from Cappadocia (in modern-day Turkey) to Bactria, near the River Indus (in modern-day Pakistan).During this time, Persia was a vassal kingdom within the Median Empire, although the Persian and Median ruling dynasties were inter-related.Beneath the rubble of a building they found a hoard of nine copper coins dating to around 614 CE, when a Persian empire briefly reigned in Jerusalem just before the rise of Islam.

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Fast-forward 1,400 years to the summer of 2016, when Israeli engineers were widening that same highway, running from the Mediterranean past Abu Ghosh west of the capital, and archaeologists were called in to excavate some Byzantine ruins.During the excavation last summer, archaeologists dug up the remains of a basilica, a monumental building and an adjacent winepress.“The coins were found adjacent to the external wall of one of the monumental buildings found at the site, and it was found among the building stones that collapsed from the wall,” Landes-Naggar said.The announcement was timed to precede the upcoming Easter holiday, which falls this year on April 16, as part of a push coordinated with the Tourism Ministry to boost Christian pilgrimage to Israel.The IAA was brought in to excavate the site as part of the expansion of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway.