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The Miller Creek Middle School student said she shares her My Space informationwith her parents every once in a while and makes sure to put little personal information about herself on her account. "You get all excited if you get any new comments and you check your friends' pictures to see if they changed anything.

That's the fun part." The Web site experience has been anything but fun for Novato parent Kathleen Gardner and her daughter.

While teenagers do use the Internet for research, sending e-mail to friends and family, and playing online games, their Internet usage patterns are much different than a typical adult.

Another reason why you should be well educated on the internet and computer use is because you are better able to fully understand the dangers of them.Instant messaging is another online activity that is more common among teens than adults.Teens use instant messaging in the way that previous generations used the phone to communicate.You may hear that an internet predator approached or kidnapped a child on the news, but you may automatically assume that it will not happen to your child.Unfortunately, until you understand how the internet works, you really have no idea.