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"We're almost close to passing it," Yu Mei-nu, the politician who introduced the marriage equality bill, told digital news company Global Post.

Campaigners are pushing to have the bill made into law ahead of Taiwan's 2018 elections, which could stall their efforts.

Several weeks ago, the popular Chinese website, 163(ranked the 27th most visited site worldwide by Alexa), published a news video online.

This number is likely to grow, as China has both the world’s largest population and the most Internet users. Most gay Chinese men who use online dating applications do so to have casual sex, and this has fueled a spike in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV/AIDS. Some even think that homosexuality does not exist in China, and must just be something from the West.

Taipei city’s Department of Civil affairs later filed a similar request for a constitutional interpretation of the issue after receiving a growing number of same-sex marriage requests since Chi’s case, despite strong opposition from conservative groups.

Those groups opposing same-sex unions called for the Control Yuan, the island’s top government watchdog, to investigate whether the Council of Grand Justices had neglected its duty in making the ruling.

Taiwan is on the verge of becoming the first Asian country to legalise same-sex marriage, according to the politician who tabled the new law.

A legislative committee approved an amendment to the civil code on 26 December, beginning a process that is expected to last until the middle of the year.