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She wasn't alone in turning the tables on the Twitter users, by responding with an equally mocking response.

Amongst the stars targeted was the undeniable handsome Ryan Gosling.'Oh, look at me...

I'm Ryan Gosling, I have perfect bone structure and kind eyes,' he read, looking into the camera. Then he finished: 'Go f*** yourself Ryan Gosling.' Ryan's La La Land co-star Emma Stone didn't escape the vitriol, reading: 'Emma Stone looks like a crack whore in every role she plays.

Most of the stars seemed amused by the rude messages.

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“I just want to be a part of the news, Jake,” Mc Kinnon’s Conway tells Bennett’s Tapper. You weren't answering my calls, you changed your number. ” The sketch starts off with Mc Kinnon’s Conway trying to seduce Bennett’s Tapper, before pulling out a knife and threatening to kill the CNN anchor.She couldn't attend the Oscars due to the advanced stage of her second pregnancy.But Natalie Portman joined the fun on the night in a pre-filmed skit in which celebrities read out mean tweets about them.When questioned by Earth neighbors as to their strange behavior, they invariably reply that they are from France, Remulak being the purported name of their home village.With the exception of Agent Seedling and his assistant in the 1993 feature-length version, they are never suspected of being extraterrestrial aliens by anyone who encounters them, even when accidentally referring to their neighbors as "Earthlings". Coneheads have much larger appetites than an average human.